Airport Concessions Jobs

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Airport Concessions Jobs

If you’ve ever flown on the airlines you know that there are quite a few restaurants to choose from while you are waiting for your flight. Not only do they serve up tasty meals, they are a great source for jobs at the airport! Restaurants located in airport terminals offer rewarding careers for those interested in the food service industry. The positions, responsibilities and statistical data vary greatly depending on the position and vendor that you choose to work for. We have listed here some positions that are available to you if you would like to pursue a restaurant career in an environment that offers a fast pace and diverse customer base. Here are a few of the jobs you might find in a restaurant at the airport.

Restaurant Manager
Restaurant and food service managers are responsible for the overall operation of businesses that serve food. Food service management includes the purchasing or ordering of a variety of food, management of the menu, preparation of the food, maintenance of health and sanitation levels and, importantly, ensuring high levels of customer service. It is the responsibility of managers to oversee staffing for each task in addition to performing the business and accounting functions of restaurant operations. Companies normally require a high school diploma or equivalent, but advanced training or education is preferred. How Much Can You Make? Approximately $48,130 per year; $23.14 per hour according to the latest data from the Department of Labor.

Bartenders are responsible for providing high levels of customer service in airport restaurants and bars. They also take drink orders, mix and dispense drinks, and collect payment either directly or through wait staff. They are typically also responsible for maintaining the inventory and cleanliness of the bar area. In most states, Bartenders must be at least 18 years of age and may be required to be bonded.

Fast Food Counter Worker
A fast food counter worker ensures customer service and counter cleanliness standards are maintained. They take food and drink orders from customers, calculate bills and collect payment for orders. They may also be responsible for packaging orders and handing them off to the correct customer. In some food service establishments they also prepare the customers’ order i.e. coffee shop or cafeteria style restaurants.

Wait Person
Waiters and Waitresses take orders from customers, serve food and beverages, calculate bills and collect payment. They may also be responsible for additional tasks including, clearing and cleaning tables and counters, replenishing supplies and setting up table service.

Cooks and Chefs are responsible for preparing and cooking food in restaurants and fast food establishments.

Job Outlook:
Employment opportunities in food service management are expected to decline 3% from 2010 to 2020. Those with a degree in hospitality, restaurant or food service will have the greatest opportunity. Employment opportunities for bartenders and wait staff are expected to grow 9% from 2010 to 2020. High turnover among bartenders is expected to add to demand.
Employment opportunities for cooks are expected to grow 8% from 2010 to 2020.

Airport food service workers can advance to a variety of managerial and supervisory positions. For example, food service workers can become chefs or food service managers. Those with experience, contacts, references, and an interest in entrepreneurship could start their own businesses

Jobs from Indeed

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