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A commercial aircraft on the tarmac being serviced at the passenger terminal of Vancouver International Airport YVR departure gate.

When the flying public is happy it can be chalked up to a few things. Maybe they experienced an attendant that met their varied needs. It could be that the pilot made the flight enjoyable through interaction and maintaining a feeling of safety. Yet, another strong point of focus could be in the overall appearance and upkeep of the cabin environment of the aircraft. Keeping a plane clean and appealing in presentation is not an easy task, yet the people at Accufleet make it seem easy. That could be because one of Accufleet’s purposes is to see to the overall cleanliness of the aircraft and providing the necessary amenities to keep the flight comfortable.

Accufleet maintains its headquarters in Houston and services from multiple locations around the country. Along with interior and exterior upkeep, Accufleet handles potable water storage, flight and hangar inventories and even does flammability testing. Considering that the company extricates various venues in flight operations, it is no wonder that they continue to prosper and grow to meet customer satisfaction.

Having been in business for the last 32 years, Accufleet sees themselves as more than a service industry in aviation, but as a support attachment to various airlines and flight operations. They prove that they are more than semantics; they are a proven force that has drawn many clients to their doors to meet the growing demands of the industry. They are conscious of meeting safety standards and well-maintained aircraft as part of their varied duties for their clients.

As one HR representative said, Accufleet does more than clean a plane; they are a complete support company to aviation. It is this concept that places them in the top list of choices when airlines come looking for their specialty.

Because Accufleet handles a wide array of duties, the need for experienced or willing to learn individuals is a constant focus. All forms of positions exist for line mechanics, upholstery and cleaning personnel, ramp agents, detailers, customer service and other positions. Each of these positions places the applicant in a great position for learning other duties once hired. Accufleet will not simply hire to fill the position, but will insist upon people that are focused in what they do and take pride in a job well-done. If you simply want a job than you might be best to look at a local fast-food joint; but if you are seeking employment with a company that can introduce you to an exciting proposition in aviation that Accufleet may be your bill.

Accufleet offers strong wages and benefits; such as 401 K, dental, paid vacations and others. The company is willing to pay a good salary for a job well-done. But be advised you will earn every penny of it. The need for people willing to commit to their employment has never been greater and aviation is one field where commitment is key by the people in those positions. When some companies are looking to downsize, Accufleet seems to be making forward progress in their hiring of quality people.

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