Aviation Management Jobs

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Aviation Management Jobs

When I first got started in the aviation industry aviation management jobs seemed to be a million miles away and even un-obtainable. But I was ambitious and eventually I gained the experience and education to become a manager. If you are looking forward to a position in management, you must prepare yourself by gaining the knowledge and experience to oversee a division, a department or if you reach the executive level, even a company.


Aviation management jobs is a term that covers numerous positions in the aviation industry. Persons interested in any number of aviation management jobs as a career could be assigned a variety of titles including Director, Chief, Manager, or Administrator. At the executive level, titles may include Vice President, President, CFO or even CEO.


Airlines, airports, aerospace companies, air charter companies, flight schools all need managers. Aviation management jobs may involve high level positions in the government, in an airline, in airport administration or security, or even in air traffic control towers.


People who hold positions in aviation management jobs often perform duties such as creating and managing budgets, human resources and staffing, sales and marketing and other administrative duties, all of which are essential to the success of an aviation business.


Aviation Management Jobs and Education

In the past many mangers did not have a management education or experience. They worked their way up the ladder and knew the duties and responsibilities of the various position or positions so well that the theory was they would be most successful in overseeing other workers performing the same tasks. That did not always prove to be the case. Some people are great at what they do but not so great at managing others.


Today, however, there are many universities that provide aviation management degrees. If you are someone who has your sight set on achieving success in one of the many aviation management jobs out there, then achieving a four year degree should be your first order of business.


The next step would be to gain experience by working in your chosen segment of the industry. There are several departments that you can chose from depending on your interests and ambitions. Finance, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Flight Operations or Maintenance are just a few of the departments where you can work your way into the loftier positions.


Characteristics of Successful People in Aviation Management Jobs

So what personality characteristics should a person possess to be successful in an aviation management job? Here is a list of some desirable characteristics you should have or develop to be a good manager.

Patience – you will need a lot of this

Persistence – never give up

High Work Ethic – a hard worker

Anticipates – gets in front of issues

Personable – able to gain the trust and cooperation of others

Influence – others want to be involved with what they are doing

Intelligence – knows what to do and when to do it

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list but you get the picture.


The Rewards of Working in Aviation Management Jobs

Working your way up into aviation management jobs is no easy task and it may take several years of training and hard work before you attain the title of aviation manager. If you are smart enough and tough enough to get there, the rewards can be immense. Self-satisfaction from the achievement, the respect of your superiors and peers, not to mention the possibility of substantial financial rewards are all possible outcomes to your hard work and dedication.

The key to remember is that hard work comes before success! So get to work and get your education. Start building your successful career today.

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