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After you read the article scroll to the bottom of the page to find FREE aviation/aerospace job listings. The Seattle-Tacoma airport (SEA) is located in the Pacific Northwest in the state of Washington. Operated by the Port of Seattle, it is the 13th busiest airport in the U.S. Each year over 37 million passengers and more than 319,000 metric tons of air cargo pass through the airport so you can see that it is an energetic and lively place to work.

A recent renovation of one of three runways provided jobs for hundreds of construction workers who participated in reconstruction of the center runway 16C/34C in 2015. Further minor improvements are planned for 2016. Projects like this one provide a host of jobs for airport employees as well as for the contractors who perform engineering and construction services.

What types of jobs can you find at SEA-TAC?
Airports are vital hubs for the nation’s air travel and it takes a veritable army of workers to complete the thousands of tasks that must be done to keep things running safely and smoothly.
Grounds Keepers – Airports can range from small private strips to international hubs as big as a small city themselves. The grass must be mowed and watered and landscaping must be tended to.
Facility Maintenance – The airport terminal and associated corporate offices for airport and airline staff requires on-going maintenance. This can include engineers, plumbing and electrical repair and maintenance personnel, cleaning people and more.
Customer Service – Customer service at larger airports is critical and includes pursers and bell hops. Airlines are often located at the airport as well and their customer service may include ticket agents and gate agents as well.
Ground Transportation – There are a host of ground transportation specialists that work at the airport. Shuttle drivers, bus drivers, limo drivers, taxi drivers and car rental employees either work on the airport or spend much of their day into and out of the airport.
The list of jobs you can find at Seattle -Tacoma airport is exhaustive! Follow the links below to explore some of the career opportunities that you might find there.

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