Are you considering careers in business aviation as a possibility for your future?

Aviation developed into a desirable career for many starting with the mail runs and developing into an entire industry. Over the past 50 years that industry has continued to grow and develop despite the many challenges it has faced. During the earliest period the airlines grew to be highly desirable employers and hired mostly from the military. Over time that has changed and there have been new career paths emerging for those interested in careers in business aviation.

Business aviation exploded on the scene with the entry of Net Jets and other fractional operators and air charter operators offering air travel in business type aircraft such as Cessna Citation, Lear Jet and Bombardier. While the airlines still provide most employment opportunities in aviation, careers in business aviation have proliferated. Jobs in Part 91 corporate flight departments and even in some of the larger Part 135 air charter have become lucrative careers in and of themselves. While they used to be a way to build experience for the airlines, more and more they are becoming a place to end up as a career.

Careers in Aviation Include Dispatch, Maintenance, Pilots, and More

While piloting careers are very popular, careers in aviation are also available for dispatchers, line service and aircraft maintenance technicians. Businesses need people to plan the logistics for their flight schedules and to follow each flight as it progresses. These folks support the flight crews as needed and are following the progress of all flights from the start of a flight segment to the end. If there are problems along the way they are there to support passengers and crew. Line service technicians give flight crews ground support and perform many tasks required for a flight to progress. Tug operations, fueling and marshalling are just a few of the services they provide. Airplanes are complex machines and they, like all machines, break occasionally. When they do you need a maintenance technician to step in and make repairs.

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